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Code Of Ethics

Members Code Of Ethics


As a member of the English Springer Spaniel Association of N.S.W. Inc., I / we hereby agree to comply with the RNSWCC Code of Ethics and any additional canine association regulations in my / our place of residence, in particular the following –
Standard of the Breed
The breed standard is a written criterion developed by the U.K. Kennel Club and accepted by the ANKC which describes the ideal English Springer Spaniel. With this in mind, members should breed to conform to the breed standard adopted by the ANKC.
RNSWCC Registration
All puppies must be properly registered with the RNSWCC or the controlling body in your state. All puppies other than those sold specifically for the show ring or breeding purposes are to be registered on the Limited Register.
Hereditary Defects
Members should endeavour to breed animals that are free from hereditary defects including Hip Dysplasia, Fucosidosis, eye disorders, structural defects and adverse temperament. Remember that the Springer is friendly and biddable with a happy disposition and timidity and aggression are highly undesirable. Members should take advantage of all possible testing procedures to measure, minimize, control or eradicate any and all of the above defects.
General Health
Members should endeavour to maintain the best possible health and care of all their dogs and to have their dogs regularly checked by their veterinarian.
Members should give careful consideration to mating a bitch or using a dog at stud that is under the age of 2 years particularly if hip / eye testing has not taken place. Special care should be taken before breeding with regard to the physical condition and mental maturity of all animals regardless of age. This also applies to the use of stud dogs.
Both dog and bitch owners should be selective and discuss their choice of stud dog or brood bitch in terms of soundness, temperament and hereditary defects. 
Selling or Donation of Puppies or Dogs
Members shall not sell or donate puppies or dogs to commercial, wholesale or retail outlets or for raffle prizes. Members should not sell English Springer Spaniels to a person knowing that the recipient is acting as a dealer or is a dog re-seller or if the dog is to be given as a present by a third party (especially at Christmas). Members should endeavour to place their puppies in good homes and should carefully vet all prospective new owners and should maintain regular contact with puppy buyers wherever possible and encourage reciprocal contact.
Community Relations
Members should ensure that their dogs are not a nuisance to their neighbours or the community in general and that they are properly supervised and controlled at all times.
Sportsmanship and Conduct of Members
Members should show good sportsmanship when attending or competing at any RNSWCC sanctioned event and in no way denigrate the dogs of others. Members should represent their dogs as honestly as possible and not use misleading or untruthful statements in selling or advertising, nor denigrate other owners or breeders. Remember that the welfare of the breed comes before personal benefit and also remember that at all times you as members of our club have an obligation to uphold the honour of and to further the objectives of the Club.
Tail Docking
The routine docking of tails for cosmetic reasons is banned in all states of Australia. You as members and individuals are obliged to comply with the rules of Local, State and Federal Governments and are liable to the penalties that may be incurred.
Any member failing to observe the provisions of the Code of Ethics may be dealt with under the rules of the Club and / or the appropriate controlling body in your state.

Adopted October 2006.

Contact Details
Secretary: Carolyn Burch
Sydney, NSW
Phone : (02) 9651 2961
Email : [email protected]

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